Guaranteed Business Accounts

We currently have a variety of Business Bank Accounts available depending on your circumstances and available regardless of any past credit problems you may have had – even the most severe adverse credit applicants will be accepted as long as we can identify you, so even those who have or are still bankrupt, can apply and will be accepted.

The options are available include a Guaranteed High Street Bank Account, a Guaranteed Managed Business Account and a variety of Offshore Bank Accounts if appropriate – so regardless of your situation, we will be able to help.

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High Street Bank Accounts

These Business Accounts are available and GUARANTEED so in the unlikely event you don’t get your account opened, you will receive a FULL REFUND, however, if after taking the initial information from you we are not convinced you will get your account with a high street bank, we will simply not take your order and will instead offer you an account we know we can get you. Have you already BEEN REFUSED by a high street bank for a business account? If so, don’t worry, we will still be able to help and on a guaranteed basis. Guaranteed Business High Street Bank Accounts

Managed Business Bank Accounts

These accounts are made available regardless of any past credit problems and are available to current BANKRUPTS, as long as you can be identified. They are run on the basis that there are no credit facilities, so unless you have cleared funds in your account, any standing orders or direct debits set-up will not be paid HOWEVER should that happen, you will NOT BE CHARGED FOR DOING SO. The account carries similar fees to that of their high street competitors plus there is an EXPRESS SERVICE which means your new account could be opened in just 3 DAYS!Guaranteed Managed Bank Accounts

Offshore Business Bank Accounts

These accounts are exactly as stated, Offshore and in a foreign location. These accounts do not require any credit check (So no credit facilities available) and can be opened as long as you can be identified here in the UK. Generally speaking you will NOT have to attend the branch and the account can be opened remotely. They have multi-currency accounts, so you can deal in GBP (sterling) USD (US $) and Euros (€) and each account will come with Internet banking, a Cash Card and many of the other facilities associated with a ‘normal’ bank account, however the paying in of cash and cheques can be very cumbersome and may take several days for the funds to clear and be available in your account.Guaranteed Offshore Bank Accounts

Managed Account

  • Monthly fees: Variable – Min £12.50
  • Account set up: 7-10 Working Days
  • Debit Card
  • Internet Banking
  • SO
  • No Late Payment charges
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Offshore Account

  • Monthly fees: Variable
  • Account set up: 10-21 Working Days
  • Debit Card
  • Internet Banking
  • £/€/$ accounts
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* Whilst we can offer an EXPRESS service, in order for your account to opened you MUST provide any necessary identification required in order to complete the opening of this service. Sort Code and Account number will be issued within 3 days, Debit Cards for this account will be delivered within 7 working days.

**Price includes VAT at the current rate and are subject to change without any notice – please contact us for an up to date price – Correct as of August 2013.

Business Bank Accounts:

Whilst some of the information of these accounts are described above, please note that they may change without notice and if they do, it could be beyond our control so any service listed here is subject to change with out notice. Whilst we try to keep the information as up to date as possible, please be aware we cannot accept any responsibility if any of the services listed above either change or are unavailable.

Get accepted for a business account

Apply online or call: 020 3286 3929 and ask to speak to a specialist adviser.

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