Guaranteed Credit Repair Services

Having ANY form of Adverse Credit on your Credit Report could have a serious impact on your Personal and Business life, so avoid potential problems by Repairing your Credit Report and removing any unnecessary negative notices ASAP.

Those with a Good Credit Report will often have a GREATER choice of products and PAY LESS for many financial products and services, so don’t let an Adverse Credit Rating effect your choices or the costs of services you require.

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Credit Repair Service

The most important thing to remember about your credit report is that it is readily available to view from any company that you might seek any financial product or service. It is also worth noting that your report reflects a wide variety of activities and shows prospective companies how you manage your finances and any past negative activities, like CCJs (County Court Judgements),  IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) and Bankruptcy, so there will be very little you can hide.

HOWEVER, the largest problem is the fact that many credit reference agencies do not always keep their records as upto date as they should be and often something that should have been removed has in fact remained, meaning it could give a faalse impression to prospective suppliers of the services and products you require.

What can be done to help Repair your Credit file?

It is very important that any information which credit reference agencies hold about you must be accurate and this will be the main focus in helping you repair your credit file.

The first action will be to analyse and identify what is on your credit report and then, wherever possible, completely remove or amend any harmful information held on your file which has been incorrectly recorded or should have been previously removed. There may be some circumstances where information cannot be removed so as a minimum, we will add an explanation to your file as to why an entry arose in the first place.  Whilst this may not help remove the notice completely it can in some cases influence any decision and help with a positive decision which may otherwise been declined.

It is important that you be aware that by subscribing to our Credit Repair service it is not guaranteed to
offer an instant and 100% clean-up but it is certainly something which will help you understand
more and improve your Credit Report.

Credit repair service, repair your credit report and improve your choice of financial services

How does the Credit Repair Service work?

The Credit Repair Service works in a 5 stage process as follows:

Stage 1 – Obtain a copy of your credit file held about you by the major credit reference agencies.

Stage 2 – Provide you with a detailed analysis of your credit report in an EASY TO UNDERSTAND way which will identify any negative entries which are possibly causing or likely to cause you a problem in obtaining any credit or financial products.

Stage 3 – Discuss with you any specific negative items identified so that we can establish and agree what relevant actions can be taken to remove or amend the damaging items. It is important to understand at this stage that you will be informed precisely what can and also what cannot be done to improve your credit file and make it accurate. Information which has been correctly recorded or undischarged will not be able to remove.

Stage 4 – Remove or amend all the necessary items have been identified in the previous stages.

Stage 5 – Provide a detailed copy and analysis of your ‘Repaired’ credit file together with a full explanation of its contents.

Repair Your Credit Report with our Credit Repair Service

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