Guaranteed Business Bank Accounts FAQs

Please find below a selection of Frequently Asked Questions and their respective answers.

It will be very difficult to answer every question you may have, so if you have a specific question that is not answered here, please email us directly and we will answer you as quickly as possible – please email your question to or alternatively please call us on 020 3286 3929

How is it You can help when we have been refused ourselves?

We have a very wide network of service suppliers meaning if we can not help directly we will almost certainly know a company that can, helping save you the time and trouble.

Will I still be able to get a Business Bank Account with a severe credit problem?

YES – No matter what your circumstances we will definitely be able to open you a new business bank account. ID verification will be essential and you will need to be a UK resident so don’t let having a severe credit problem stop you opening a new business account.

I need to take Credit & Debit Cards, but I've been declined, can you help?

YES – We have a variety of specialist providers who will consider any applicants who have been declined by any of the mainstream providers plus we have others who are very open minded as to the business activity, so if you are have credit problems or are struggling due to the nature of your business activity, we will be able to help.

Is an Offshore Account my only option if I have a poor credit rating?

No – Don’t let having an Adverse Credit Rating stop you getting a legitimate business bank account and in almost every instance, avoid opening an Offshore Bank Account as they are not as convenient as any of the options you will find here in the UK.

What is the one thing we need to consider if we are constantly rejected?

The most important thing you need to both consider and accepted if you are having any problems with either a bank account, merchant services or any other service which relies on you having a good credit rating is ‘COMPROMISE…’
It is all very well expecting to be accepted for everything you apply for but the truth is there will be times when you will simply be declined due to your personal circumstances and there will be very little you can do about it.

HOWEVER, we suggest if you can COMPROMISE on your expectations, you will almost certainly be able to find what you are looking for which will ultimately help you and your business focus on the one important factor of your business – Your Business!

COMPROMISE is a word we use a lot when speaking to our clients so don’t let your expectations exceed the reality.