Guaranteed Merchant Services

We currently have a variety of Merchant Service and Credit Card Processing providers available depending on your circumstances and available regardless of any past credit problems or business activity – no matter why you may have been declined before, we will be able to help you apply and be accepted – GUARANTEED!

The various options available include those that are suitable for good credit applicants as well as those who have an adverse credit – so regardless of your situation, we will be able to help.

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Merchant Services with Guaranteed Acceptance.

There are a variety of reasons why you may be declined when applying for Merchant Services. For most it is because of the credit history of the main principles of the business as every application will be required to go through a personal credit check, so anyone found to have some adverse credit will almost certainly be declined.

The other reason may be due to the nature of the business as there are numerous business activities which most providers would rather simply avoid, making the ability to taking credit a& debit card payments almost impossible.

So how can we offer Guaranteed Merchant Services?

Our service is based on the many relationships we have with numerous merchant service providers that we can liaise with and often find a suitable payment system, no matter what your credit status or the business you are in.

Guaranteed Merchant Services, adverse credit and restricted business accepted for credit card machines
Guaranteed Merchant services available regardless of any credit problems

Speak to a Specialist Adviser and choose the right Solution for your Business.

As everyone’s situation is very different and the circumstances of each business is very unique, we would always suggest speaking to a specialist as your first point of call as they will be able to assess your circumstances before looking to see what will be available and suitable for your business.

Why taking Credit Cards is so Important to your Business.

If you speak to most businesses they will tell you that the majority of their takings is taken via either a credit or debit card and for those online businesses, the percentage is almost 100% making Merchant Services one of the most important services in their business.

So being without the ability to take card payments could seriously effect the future of your company which is why our GUARANTEED MERCHANT SERVICES provides a very important link for those who need this facility and those who can offer it.

Merchant services and credit card payment machines

Regular Merchant Services

If you have a good Credit Rating then we will be able to help you open a new Merchant Services account with one of the main providers.

The services available are only really suitable to those who have a Good Credit rating and whose business provides a less-risky product or service. The headline charges for these services are often very competitive as there are many providers available searching for these type of individuals and businesses. There will always be a strict credit check and anyone who passes this will enjoy all the features and facilities provided by an experienced trusted partner who will be recognised throughout the word.

Guranteed merchant services available regardless of any adverse credit

Adverse Credit Merchant Services

If you have any Adverse Credit then we have the perfect Merchant Service available and offered on a Guaranteed Basis.

If you have been through some personal credit problems and have been declined by any of the main merchant service providers, then we will be able to help as we have some excellent providers who will look at each applicant on an individual basis and often approve regardless of any past credit problems. Whilst the headline rates on these providers does not seem as competitive as the mainstream companies, they often include many of the ‘add-ons’ in their price and have a minimum period of 12 months instead of their 48 months.

Guaraanteed Merchant servcies available whatever products or services you provide.

Restricted Products or Services

Many Business will struggle to get Merchant Service due to the nature of the products and services the provide.

It is true that many businesses that offer products or service which fall outside of many providers comfort zone will be declined leaving them without the ability to accept any card payments at all. Having said that, there are options available and we have several providers who will consider and often accept applications regardless of what the business is offering however it may take a considered approach but we are always confident of obtaining merchant services for any business no matter what they provide.

Get accepted for Merchant Services

Apply online or call: 020 3286 3929 and ask to speak to a specialist adviser.

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